A Long-Distance Love Story Turned Charming Lakeside Wedding

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Cathrine Taylor Photography

The Bride and Groom

After a long-distance courtship back and forth from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa, Rob popped the question over Christmas on the very back porch where they first decided to start dating. When it came time to start planning, the two lovers of ease and a weekend by the water knew that a celebration at Lake Martin would seal the deal.

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Lakeside Stables

Tatum was raised on the no-fuss, laidback spirit of Lake Martin family weekends. The in-land waters of this Alabama lake hold a treasure-trove of stories, old and new, and offered the couple a scenic spot begin making their own family memories. The couple celebrated on the grounds of the Stables at Russell Lands, taking full advantage of the venue’s rustic stalls and lakeside views.

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Carefree Beauty in Ruffles

Tatum’s ruffled bridal ensemble brought an upbeat air of romance to the alter. And, unlike most anxious brides, she remembers her wedding day as “one of the most peaceful days [she’s] ever had.”

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Natural, All-White Bouquet

Tatum’s bouquet infused her bridal look with natural beauty, using white roses and hydrangeas with greenery to complement her surroundings.

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Subtle Bridal Bling

While most of her day was full of simplistic, natural touches, Tatum took her footwear over the top. Best yet, she even dared to wear her white, jeweled heals out to the muddy banks of Lake Martian with her beau.  

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Ladies by the Lake

The bride boasted a Southern-sized bridal party of eleven beautiful ladies wearing neutral, calm-colored dresses. 

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Suited Up

Rob’s loving group of guys looked wedding ready in their stylish blue suits.

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A Rustic Ceremony

Rob and Tatum exchanged vows in timeless farmhouse fashion, surrounded by beautiful exposed beams and an intimate group of family and friends.

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Tented Dinner by the Dock

The newlyweds kicked off dinner outdoors, brining their vision of an elegant lake party to life with tabletop greenery, scenic views, and lots of string lights.

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Effortless Romance

Guest tables were trimmed with golden candlesticks and lush greens.

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Classic White Cake

After dinner, the couple served a timeless, three-tired cake in the hall of the stalls.

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Dancing the Night Away

The glow of string lights set the scene for a celebration as dinner turned to dancing.

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At Ease After an Evening in Their Favorite Place

The two kissed the day goodbye, admittedly drenched from a night full of alfresco dancing, in a place that they’ll always call home.

Ayesha Curry on Why She Places Her Marriage Prior To Her Youngsters

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Ayesha Curry shared what recommendations assists her maintain her decade-long partnership with her hubby, NBA super star Steph Curry, throughout a recent interview with HelloGiggles.com.

Ayesha, 29, informed the online website that her moms and dads and in-laws advised her and also Steph, 30, to always prioritize their relationship over their youngsters.

“The biggest thing, both of our parents are still married and have actually been married for 30-plus years, and the something that they both shown us– some via learning it the hard way, some with simply ensuring that they do it– is just seeing to it that we put each other first, even before the children, as challenging as that sounds,” the celeb chef and restaurtuer claimed. A message shared by Ayesha Curry(@ayeshacurry )on Jan 15, 2019 at 9:18 pm PST Steph and Ayesha have been wed for virtually eight years. The couple has two children, Riley and also Ryan, as well as a kid, Canon. “Placing ourselves initially, and ensuring that we make time for date evenings as well as for every various other. That’s been extremely crucial, as hard as it is, “the 29-year-old said. “Since when you end up being a parent, you want to place your children first, and also we do, but we do it second to our partnership. Since eventually, when our partnership is good, the kids more than happy as well as they’re thriving and our domesticity is great. We have to put that into point of view and understand that it’s not us being self-centered, it’s ensuring we set a solid structure.”

In addition to making time for day evenings, Ayesha said having open communication with her spouse is important.

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Dec 27, 2018 at 1:25 pm PST

Choosing a wedding bouquet

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Choosing a wedding bouquet

Image: © p_r_g / Fotolia

Each celebration requires flowers, so we can not imagine a wedding without the bride’s beautiful bouquet. The wedding bouquet is always a work of art and for some people flowers have a special meaning. But it for sure symbolizes love and family happiness, and it mirrors the bride’s soul. The wedding bouquet should match well with the bride’s wedding dress. Everything else is a matter of imagination.

In order to create the wedding bouquet, you could use any kinds of decorative elements – beads, feathers, ribbons, crystals, colorful tapes and so on. By choosing her wedding bouquet, the bride expresses her individuality, but it is really important that the bouquet is in contrast with the wedding dress, it shouldn’t merge with it. That is why the bouquet should be a few tones darker than your dress (or lighter if it is dark-colored).

What kind of flowers should the wedding bouquet contain? Most often are used roses for the wedding bouquets and they are probably the perfect option. The advantage of the roses is that they give us a wide color variety and they stay fresh for a long time, they are also not very expensive. Except the roses, the flower-de-luce deserves our attention. In Europe they symbolize purity. The lilies look amazing in a bouquet and they smell really nice. But they have a serious disadvantage – they are really delicate flowers and their freshness lasts too short which makes them darker and takes away their beauty. The calla lily is also a good choice for a wedding bouquet. It is also associated with innocence and purity and it easily appeals to every bride. A wide-spread claim is that the orchids are the perfect flowers for a wedding bouquet. That is because of their tropical and exotic beauty.

How many flowers should be in the bouquet? Some people want to show their richness by the wedding bouquet and make it very heavy and volumetric. It is known that beauty requires sacrifices, but after all, these sacrifices should not be beyond the realm of rationality.

Wounded Veteran Picks His Service Dog To Be His Best Man At The Wedding

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After Justin Lansford and his girlfriend Carol Balmes got engaged, Justin knew that his best friend was going to be his best man – and that happened to be his service dog Gabe.

Justin and Gabe first met in 2012. Back then, Justin was a soldier serving in Afghanistan. Tragically, Justin suffered a lost of his leg due to an IED. This caused him to return to the United States.

Photo: WCC’s Gabe II via Facebook

Justin told ABC News, “I was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and we were in eastern Afghanistan in early 2012. We struck an IED and it flipped my truck completely. I had bilaterally severed femurs which resulted in the amputation of my left leg.”

Justin ended up requiring a service dog to help him recover from his PTSD following his wartime experiences. He reached out to Warrior Canine Connections, and that is when he was paired up with 2-year-old Gabe. The pair hit it off immediately.

Photo: WCC’s Gabe II via Facebook

“He helps me with one thing to the next. I can use him as a stable surface to lean on, as I get to and from the ground,” Justin said. “If I fall, he’ll come up running next to me and I can use him to push off of to get up off the ground.”

Then in 2014, Justin decided to propose to his long-time girlfriend Carol. Justin popped the question on Veteran’s Day with a little help from Gabe. Carol happily accepted.

Photo: WCC’s Gabe II via Facebook

A year later in 2015, Justin and Carol married in Largo, Florida and Gabe attended – walking both bride and groom down the aisle.

Justin was thrilled to have Gabe by his side. He had done so much for Justin, that it was only natural that he have an important role in one of the biggest days in his life.

Gabe was a dog of many trades that day, serving as the ring bearer as well. He did a fantastic job, and the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch.

Photo: WCC’s Gabe II via Facebook

Justin and Carol have now been happily married for nearly four years – creating tons of new memories along the way and with Gabe by their side. Gabe is still a service dog for Justin, and he has never faltered in his dedication to the veteran.

Justin has also begun fostering puppies for Warrior Canine Connections. Both Justin and Gabe help to train and socialize the puppies in order to get them ready for their forever homes helping veterans.

Photo: WCC’s Gabe II via Facebook

Both Justin and Gabe got particularly close to one puppy named PJ. And as luck would have it, PJ ended up moving into a home across the street from them. Now Gabe and PJ can see each other on a regular basis.

Gabe is a smart and loving service dog who has been by Justin’s side since day one. We have no doubt that these two will be best friends for a while.

If you want to learn more about Justin, Carol, and Gabe on the big day, watch the video below:

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From Engagement To Jaimala, Below Are Some Emphasizes From Anushka & Virat’s Grand Italy Wedding celebration

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From Involvement To Jaimala, Below Are Some Highlights From Anushka & & Virat’s Grand Italy …

December 11, 2017

This is how the haldi event went by for Virat!

— kusum Bhutani(@kusumbhutani)December 11, 2017 When they exchanged the rings, the group was applauding!

— kusum Bhutani (@kusumbhutani) December 11, 2017 And below’s a sneak peek right into the Jaimala event!

— kusum Bhutani (@kusumbhutani) December 11, 2017

It is claimed that blog post their wedding event, Virushka will move to their brand-new deluxe apartment in Worli, Mumbai.

The wedding reception is yet to take place. The newly wed pair will host two reception events. One in Delhi on Dec. 21 for family, as well as the other one on Dec. 26 for close friends from the market.

Wedding Card

Great deals of love to you, Virat as well as Anushka! Have a pleased married life in advance.

Philadelphia wedding events: Gwen Silverman as well as Peter Quest

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Gwen Silverman and Peter Search

June 9, 2018, in Philadelphia

However, for the beverages, the New york city City bar could have been an intermediate school dance that October night in 2015: A team of ladies gathered together on one side, a team of guys on the other.One of those guys– Peter

— stood out of one lady– Gwen– the moment he strolled in. When Peter saw her discovering him, Gwen held his gaze for a few beats.”I assumed we were making terrific eye get in touch with throughout bench,”she said.Alas, that was where Gwen’s daring ended. She couldn’t bring herself to

cross the space– not despite pal Gabriela’s encouragement.As for Peter,”I was attempting to play it super-cool, yet I make sure it was coming off as uncomfortable,”he said.Their remaining

arrest was too much for Gabriela. She left the other 2 ladies and also returned moments later with the four individuals

following her.Gwen, that does marketing for an international law office, as well as Peter, an accountant for a huge fund-service firm, introduced themselves.

She spoke of growing up in Marlton and studying sociology at Muhlenberg College, as well as he informed her regarding his childhood in a north New York City residential area and his money level from the University of Maryland. They discovered a common love of running.Peter and Gwen’s conversation stretched from day to evening, from one bar to an additional, yet it wasn’t actually about words. “It was just one of those discussions where you’re

talking simply to talk, because you just know you don’t want the conversation to end, “Peter stated. Sharyn Frenkel Photography Gwen Silverman and Peter Hunt A couple of days later, they met at a West Village dive bar as well as had such a good time together they missed their dinner booking, took a later seats.

It was a wonderful, five-hour

very first date.They stay in Graduate Healthcare facility currently

, but Peter, who is 37, stayed in Brooklyn then, and also Gwen, that is 29, stayed in Chelsea. After a few weeks, they were seeing each other daily. “I seemed like I can be open and also honest with her,

as that’s just how she was with me, “Peter claimed. “She was so charitable– if I was burning the midnight oil, she would gladly delay strategies, or satisfy me in Brooklyn. She was so down to earth, so easy-going.”From Gwen’s viewpoint, it was Peter who was constantly the considerate one, going to suit what she needed. “He was so good, and also sort of old fashioned– he would call me on the phone to make strategies,”she stated.”He is so amusing, so clever, and he treated me specifically

exactly how I had actually fantasized a person would.”In July 2016, regarding 9 months after they fulfilled, Gwen moved to Peter’s Brooklyn pad.In November 2016, she brought him to Philly. They ran their initial race with each other– a fifty percent marathon during the Philly Marathon weekend.”The race was incredibly challenging for me, but Pete assisted me in the process. And after that we checked out the city, and also had such a wonderful weekend together,”Gwen said.”That was when Pete dropped in

love with the city a little bit.” Sharyn Frenkel Photography Gwen Silverman and Peter Search While Gwen was away on a March 2017 service trip, Peter drove to Marlton to seek the blessing of her parents, Cheryl as well as Bob. His moms and dads, Jane as well as Joe, were already in the know.Gwen returned from D.C. in a rainstorm that expanded her normal 20-minute trip from Penn Station to their apartment to concerning 45

minutes.”It seemed like four hours,”Peter said. Still, she walked in to a home lighted with candle lights and also

strewn with rose petals. “Pete is so sweet and so enchanting, I really didn’t also believe it was for anything particularly. I simply assumed he was doing something good for me, “Gwen claimed.

“I had rehearsed a charming movie-type speech, however as quickly as I saw her, everything headed out the home window,”Peter said. He asked her to rest, knelt in front of her, and stammered through informing her how much he enjoys her, and also exactly how pleased she makes him.

“I intend to invest the rest of my life making you that pleased,”he said.Gwen was sobbing by the time she stated yes, she would marry him.By then, the pair had actually made a decision Philly would be their

house. They relocated to Grad Hospital that December. Sharyn Frenkel Photography Gwen Silverman and Peter Hunt’s wedding. Peter would have enjoyed to get hitched at Town hall, yet as he waited on Gwen ahead down the aisle at Union Depend on, he was so delighted they ‘d went with something else. “To see all of my household, as well as everybody that took a trip to

be with us on both sides of the aisle, it reminded me of how much we were enjoyed, as well as the number of special people we have in our lives,” he claimed. “Then, I understood it was mosting likely to be great.

“The couple joined in a short, nondenominational ceremony. Their officiant, Peter McGuinness, told a bit of their story

, as did the bride’s sis and maid-of-honor, Diane. Peter’s brother as well as finest guy, Colin, was the only various other member of the bridal party.”We wanted something informal yet traditional, like us,”Gwen claimed. “And also we wanted the DJ to be playing great hits so there was dancing the whole time. It was just a big party”for 135 visitors. All the individuals and girls that were with Gwen as well as Peter the day they met at that New york city City bar attended their wedding celebration. Sharyn Frenkel Digital photography The wedding celebration of Gwen Silverman as well as Peter Quest. Peter saw Gwen in her wedding dress at the first-look photo session, held before the ceremony.”To see her appearance so definitely ideal was simply stunning, and I could not stop smiling, “he claimed.

“It really felt so right, therefore genuine.”Gwen came down a staircase, and from her high perch, she could see every person awaiting the ceremony to start, including her soon-to-be-husband.” When I saw Pete, I was assuming how difficult it was to think that I located a person like him. Getting ready for the wedding was really exciting, however that moment simplified down to him and me, as well as having discovered that

special person, “she stated.”It

was pure happiness.” A deal: Gwen and Peter picked

their venue for its high ceiling, wide-open room, and also beauty.” It did not require an ounce of anything to enhance the environment, so we did the least amount feasible, “Gwen stated. Leigh Flower designer suggested a spending plan, however nobody flinched when Gwen asked them to suffice in half. The tiny centerpieces on each table were excellent, Gwen said.The splurge: The pair desired wedding celebration pictures to value for a life time. “We also desired [a photographer] we would certainly feel comfortable with, considering that we would be spending so much of our wedding day with them, “Peter stated. Digital Photographer Sharyn Frenkel was the first supplier they signed with, he added.”She was worth every

cent.”Two weeks in Sydney, the Outback, as well as on the Great Barrier Coral reef this fall.Dress: BHLDN, Philadelphia.