Fleet Managemnet System

Monday , 11, June 2018 Comments Off on Fleet Managemnet System

More and more businesses are now investing in modern fleet management systems to help them to cut down costs and better manage workflow. Telematic systems have many different features that can help businesses of all sizes, including route planning, driver behavior monitoring, maintenance scheduling, seamless integration with delivery tracking software and more.

While professional fleet management systems used to be outside the price bracket of many small companies, nowadays it is possible to take advantage of an advanced system for around 25 pounds per month per vehicle. With that in mind, presented below are five key beneficial features of telematic systems for businesses to consider.

1. Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Telematics can capture data to show that drivers are driving safely. The data can be used to identify employees who may need to improve their behavior on the road. For example, events like sudden braking, harsh accelerating and idling can be tracked and recorded. Certain maneuvers could waste fuel and increase the risk of collision, so having this data can help your to highlight drivers in your workforce who may need further training. The data can also be used to identify trends in behavior. For example, if risky driving is occurring during the night, you may need to address worker fatigue in your workforce.

2. Route Optimisation

The best telematic systems can help a company to reduce fleet mileage by over 10% via route optimization features. This means companies can save a lot of money on fuel and increase productivity as drivers will be arriving at their destinations in the shortest possible times.

3. Maintenance Scheduling

Telematics can track various parameters needed to ensure effective fleet maintenance, such as engine runtime, fuel consumption, mileage since last tire change and more. More advantaged systems can alert you to battery health, wear on brake pads and oil health.

4. Live Updates

Using data from GPS vehicle trackers, fleet management software can provide you with live updates about your fleet. You will be able to see where all of your drivers are located in real time. If you run a delivery firm, this data can help you to provide better customer services to customers asking about the location of their parcels.

5. Reporting

Detailed monthly reports from fleet management software can provide fleet managers with a lot of insight into the performance of all vehicles and drivers. These reports can show whether drivers are meeting agreed efficiency saving targets. What’s more, reports can be integrated into other software applications, such as payroll management systems, to streamline business administrative processes.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using fleet management software, however, it’s important to make sure that you choose vehicletrackingchannel.com trusted provider. You need to ensure that all GPS vehicle trackers are fitted with the latest GPS technology and mobile network integration features. In addition, the software needs to be easy to use. After all, you don’t want to have to spend several weeks reading software manuals before you can start extracting useful data from the software.