Want To Enjoy With Your Friends At Highest Point Then Contact Us

Saturday , 2, December 2017 Comments Off on Want To Enjoy With Your Friends At Highest Point Then Contact Us

I just turned 30 and my mates took me out to a few rooftop bars in London. It was a fantastic night, and I was thankful I have people in my life that wanted to celebrate with me. We went to three different bars in different parts of the city and got to see a lot of London from up high. Try this website to find a lot of special rooftop bars and their locations.

The first bar we went had a roof that wasn’t as high as the other two. This was okay because it overlooked a park and was very pretty to look at. The beer was pretty good, and we also had some chips to go with our drinks.

The second bar we went to was more crowded, but they had the most amazing view. I took some photos, but as it was dark, they didn’t do the view justice. We had our dinner at this bar and a few drinks which were a good idea.

For the third bar, we went to apart of the city I don’t normally go. There was a long wait to get in even though it didn’t seem like there were as many people there as other places. However, when we got inside, we saw that they didn’t have as many tables as we thought and that is why it took a while to get in. The view on that one was beautiful, but I think the second bar was my favorite.

After we went to the bars, we went back to my flat and crashed. Everyone was tired, so we had a bit of a sleepover and then went to breakfast together. It was the best birthday I ever had, and I had a lot of fun going to the different rooftops with my mates for my birthday.