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Why not get married in Portugal?

Weddings in Portugal will completely delight your senses. Portugal is a smaller country compared to neighboring Spain, therefore it has more character and personality.

The major resort areas offer couples a wide variety of attractions and settings for weddings at reasonable prices.

Throughout Portugal there are a chain of offices manned by bilingual staff to assist you. The Portuguese are by nature very hospitable and proud to share their country with foreign visitors.

The normal shopping hours are from 9:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night and most shopping centers stay open until 11:00 at night, with the exception of certain public holidays.

Public awareness of disabled travelers is now happily evident in most areas, with the appearance of special parking spaces in public areas, special toilets at airports, stations, and centers of entertainment.

There are also disabled bus and and taxi services in most areas.
A wedding and honeymoon in Portugal allows you the freedom to visit Museums, Art Galleries, and all of the beautiful sites of Portugal.

Couples that get married in Portugal will find a warm welcome by the residents in Portugal.