Give Your Kids Gift Of Freedom

Tuesday , 26, December 2017 Comments Off on Give Your Kids Gift Of Freedom

When I was younger, my best friend was sent off to boot camp. His parents thought it to be the best solution for him. It did absolutely nothing except for strain the relationship between my best friend and his parents further. Are their alternatives to boot camp? You bet there are, and discipline cannot be instilled without showing love the right way.

I say the right way because my best friend’s parents obviously loved him. Still, they weren’t able to deal with the situation properly, and by the time they sent him to boot camp, they had already lost control. It was really sad because there were other options that could have been actual solutions, options that brought the family together and not apart.

Do I know what would have worked? By the time I met my best friend, he was already a little out of control. I’m not sure what could have been done to actually fix things at that point because I kept thinking about how the situation should have never come to that. It was just very unfortunate.

The boot camp that he was sent to was a Christian boot camp, and we are talking about the teen version of course and not the armed forces version. It sounds like a great idea, but again, at that point, they had sent their son to boot camp to make him see differently something they had helped the cause in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, he helped cause the problems, too. But perhaps an alternative to teen boot camp is to first address issues with love. Kids and teens are usually acting out because of issues at home dealing with love, support, and more. It was hard to watch my childhood best friend carry those problems into adulthood and continue to spiral out of control for quite some time.