16 Fun Wedding Food Ideas From Actual Weddings

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16 Fun Wedding Food Ideas From Actual Weddings

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As much as meals styles continue to impress more and more every year, wedding meals nonetheless has a negative connotation: Expectations tend to be reduced, with guests envisioning dry chicken cutlets and under-salted steamed veggies onto their plate.

We’ve got a great deal of tips on how blow away your guests along with your menu, but perhaps the very first step would be to flex the rules and have a little bit of fun! There’s no etiquette book that says you have to serve particular foods in keeping with age-old wedding customs.

Rather, think about the sort of food which you like in almost any setting–what exactly do you really would like to consume on the very best day of your life? Skip the huge, fondant-covered cake and then replace it with cupcakes in your favorite tastes (it feels like marriage receptions are the only places where fondant still rears its flavorless mind, anyway). Want to avoid frosting altogether? Elect for pies instead. And a overall PSA: Bite-sized meals is always fun and isn’t allowed for kids. At an reception, one-bite passed hors d’oeuvres are going to be a enormous hit.

From cocktail hour to cake-cutting, any menu item that adds whimsy and fun to an already awesome day ought to be embraced. Without further ado, here are the favourite fun food ideas, motivated by real weddings.

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As wedding customs become increasingly flexible, dangling to personal taste and fashion, we see more and more couples choosing to swap out the multi-tiered wedding cake for a playful assortment of cupcakes and more compact desserts. This might still garner critical commentary in the super-traditional Negative Nancy which weasels her way across each guest record, but as long as your soon-to-be partner are satisfied with your decisions, that is all that matters.

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Doughnut Holes

Alright, perhaps we like doughnuts that a small too much–when that is possible. Doughnut holes are really unconventional for a wedding day or some other special occasion, but likewise to any other noodle that is toasting, they’re fun and low-commitment: Everything you ever wanted away from meals, particularly something with so many taste combinations to select from.

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Pretzel and Beer Bar

Anything combines booze and great food will be a crowd-pleaser, but this one will probably surprise your visitors. A range of beers accompanies assorted pretzel varieties for a food pub experience which may have your guests forgetting about the authentic dinner.

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Milk and Cookies

The very effective “pleasure” foods really are ones which pair whimsy with nostalgia–no more combo does that better than a milk and cookies bar. Serve grown-up cookie tastes such as the almond crunch pictured here using a selection of milk choices, from 2% to chocolate to soy.

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Potato Bar

Piping hot fries, tater tots, also stuff-your-own baked potatoes are simply a couple of the offerings on potato bars such as this. They also contain a array of fry types, often including sweet potato, truffle, and parmesan-garlic. Hungry yet?

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Spicy foods predominate this list for good reason: while you intend for visitors to come anticipating dinner, you even forget about the in-between times when there are lulls in meals. When it’s involving hors d’oeuvres and also the very first course, or involving the entrĂ©e along with the cake cuttingedge, there will always be a couple of guests on the hunt for food. A fantastic way to keep everyone fed all night would be to get snacks available. Assorted popcorn (think: the classic Chicago trio of cheese, caramel, and butter) is quite near perfect.

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Maybe the best portion of serving pie in your marriage is how personal it can be. Where wedding cakes will always have the pressure of high expectations, so there’s a homeyness to pies that virtually requires you to include a nod to a Great Aunt Mildred’s chocolate crunch and your mom’s zesty lemon using graham cracker crust. It’s a wonderful choice for further bettering your reception and producing special folks in your life feel included.

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Hot Chocolate

You caught us : We snuck two beverage choices onto this particular food list! But if we’re being totally honest, sexy chocolate is simply tasting dessert. Contain toppings such as the requisite marshmallows, shaved coconut, and decadent candies, and you are very likely to upstage the wedding cake.

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@#Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Of everything you could function on a skewer, this might just win the award for many confusingly flavorful. At first glance, you are repulsed, right? But using a signature cocktail in hand, and also that magical feeling which comes with weddings, your visitors will be prepared to try it. Sweet, salty, sour–all of the flavors are really there.

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Ratchet up the sugar levels with a number of your favourite childhood candies. Cotton candy receives a grown-up increase when you use it for cocktails or allow it to float beneath your champagne coupe. And should you would like to update the self-serve candy channel trend for customized party favors, set up the candy onto a pub cart. Include your favorite old-timey candies and cutesy decorations for a super-personal, memorable feature in your reception.