Real Weddings: Jess And Kev’s Stylishly Classic Cork Wedding

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Real Weddings: Jess And Kev’s Stylishly Classic Cork Wedding

Despite rising up a couple of miles from one another, Jess and Kev didn’t cross paths until a fateful night at a club at Cork.

‘We really met as if our smooth-talker groomsman Dominic was trying it on with our beautiful bridesmaid Ciara,’ laughs Jess.

‘Nevertheless it was and Kev who hit it off. Dominic and Ciara love to claim responsibility because of our chance encounter the night, also being beloved buddies of ours it only felt that they stood together with us on our wedding’

Jess & Kev loved a romantic vacation to Île de Ré, a picturesque island off the west coast of France at May 2015 in which they spent their time walking, cycling and feasting on French desserts.

Pic: SOSAC Photography

On the afternoon of the suggestion that the group picked up two delicious pastries as a treat for this day and after lovely meal they returned to the guesthouse in which Kev put on some of their favorite songs.

‘Kev told me to close my eyes since he was surprise for me. I immediately thought it was our pastry stash but once I opened my own eyes Kev was down to one knee, trembling like a leaf and holding a beautiful promise ring, ”’ says Jess.

The couple chose Ballyvolane House as their wedding venue for many reasons, such as its close proximity to their own dwelling.

Pic: SOSAC Photography

‘We had a relaxed and sociable reception, also Ballyvolane House using its’ magnificent gardens, attentive staff and remarkable food ticked all our boxes. The day after the wedding we snapped a barbecue along with our guests were treated to a tour of their owner’s gin distillery!’

Ballyvolane House comes with a terrific sense of design with classic china and mismatched landscapes all being part of its natural allure.

Jess and Kev integrated green, gold and glass to the table décor using a geometric motif running through the afternoon.

The couple did not hire a wedding planner or planner however their bride Jill Wild went out of her way to make her mark on the styling and incorporate Jess’ vision to a richly mismatched yet, highly thought out motif.

Pic: SOSAC Photography

Jess and Kev chose Shane and Adele O’Sullivan from SOSAC Photography to catch their afternoon. ‘We chose them due to their love of candid photos and the emphasis on storytelling in their photography,’ says Jess.

‘We chose to not have a videographer, or so the concept that the wedding can be recreated in the photos was very attractive’

The bride looked radiant in a gown from Rembo Styling that was photographed from the designer.

Jess says, ‘After some fruitless efforts at wedding dress shopping I was feeling as though I would never find the ideal dress. One morning I got a call from Linda in Say I Would Midleton to mention she believed she had opened my own wedding gown!

Pic: SOSAC Photography

‘After a couple of visits for her boutique, Linda knew the design I was searching and with a few tweaks, it was the dress for me. By petition, the designers shortened the 3/4 sleeves into cap sleeves that was really special of them.’

Kev purchased his lawsuit from Saville Menswear at Cork City. ‘I’d always like the appearance of textured winter suits, but as we’re getting married in August I had to pick something climate appropriate,’ says Kev.

‘Damien from Saville Menswear was amazing and took me through the ordering process, helping me to choose something that matched the design that I like and something Jess would love too.

‘My tie and pocket square were from and that I was really pleased with the finished look.’

Pic: SOSAC Photography

Jess recalls, ‘I actually wanted my puppy to wear different dresses following a frequent colour palette.

‘I believed it was essential for them to become more confident and comfortable on the afternoon and although I’d my anxieties they may seem uncoordinated, we’re thrilled with the final appearance.

‘We chose the identical idea for those boys and all of them wore different colors of a similar style lawsuit. It looked fantastic and our bridal part nailed their individual styles.

Jess and Kev taken the colour green through for their flowers. ‘After our first meeting with Jill from Wild Couture, one word kept being replicated — foliage!

‘I completely love blossoms but was actually hoping for the range of greens that only foliage could deliver. Jill was very exciting to use her enthusiasm was infectious. Whenever we met with her she’d get us excited about this big day!

Pic: SOSAC Photography

‘My cascading odor was incredible and Jill even surprised Kev using a foliage restricted stag-head boutonniere for your afternoon!’

Cool Grey Designs in Cork created exceptional wedding invitations working with an illustrated map of Ballyvolane House grounds integrated together with the couple’s wedding details.

Dawn Holland from Cakes by Dawn created Jess and Kev’s tasty wedding cake. ‘All of Dawn needed was subject and the colour strategy — we gave her no other direction.

‘The cake has been made up of three tiers in lemon using zingy lemon curd and lemon cream during. It went down a storm and we barely had a piece to bring home once the weekend was’

Pic: SOSAC Photography

Jess’ favorite moment from the afternoon was close friend Katie joined the band to sing ‘How Sweet It Is’ by James Taylor that’s a family favorite.

‘It was a huge surprise and also there was an overpowering sense of unity in the moment.’

Kev enjoyed greeting everyone away from the church after the ceremony.

‘The sun has been shining and everyone was buzzing with enthusiasm for us. You will never feel more encouraged and loved by your family and friends than in moments like these.’

Pic: SOSAC Photography

Jess’ best tip for many planning their wedding is to adopt your list making abilities. ‘We found it incredibly valuable to compose a list at the start of each week.

‘After we finished a task we’d scratch it using a big red line and it always made it feel like we were progressing.’

Although stressful, both Jess and Kev advocate other people to attempt to revel in the process even when it appears overpowering.

‘Be reassured that it will all be worth it once you see your guests enjoying themselves on the big day. Embrace the challenge and be pleased with your accomplishments.’

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Best All-natural wedding inspiration and ideas from Actual weddings The Natural Wedding Company

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Best All-natural wedding inspiration and ideas from Actual weddings The Natural Wedding Company

Our Best Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas from Real Weddings

Charlie / 20 November 2017


Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

We have had a sudden blogging break because of a new arrival, but because we hurtle towards the end of the year we have a beautiful brand new series to share.

Our Real Wedding Favourites

However, we soon found we have many favourites from each and every wedding showcased. This is more a collection of a few of our favourite bits from our Actual Sunset. Every wedding is so individual into the couple that any attempt to compare is moot.

What Can We Be publishing?

What will you find in our Real Wedding Favourites series? A Selection of some of favourite bits from our Real Weddings grouped into seven blog posts with Unique themes:

Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

Our Favourite Natural Wedding Styles

Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

Our Favourite Natural Wedding Spaces

Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

Our Favourite Natural Wedding Details

Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

Our Favourite Unique All-natural Weddings

In this posts you’ll find our favourite super eco-ethical weddings, our favourite down-to-earth weddings, our most favourite weddings on your budget, our most favourite one of a kind wedding ceremonies, and also our favourite cool weddings.

Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

Our Favourite Natural Wedding Flowers

Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

Our Favourite Natural Seasonal Weddings

Our Top Natural Wedding Inspiration and Ideas // The Natural Wedding Company

Our Favourite Particular Wedding Seconds

It’s not simply the details we adore at weddings, but these particular moments recorded from the photographer. This category includes our favourite ceremony minutes, our favourite bride and groom pictures, a special moment that made us feel a bit weepy, and our favourite confetti toss captures.

We hope you enjoy looking through all the weddings we’ll be featuring, and find inspiration and ideas for your own natural wedding.

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Ibiza weddings: Weddings in Ibiza — Jenny & Philipp

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Ibiza weddings: Weddings in Ibiza — Jenny & Philipp


Photography from Gypsy Westwood Photography.

Getting married to a private island in the Mediterranean sounds just like the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster, but also for Jenny and Philipp, it was an Ibiza wedding. The late summer of 2017 watched them invite their loved ones to the private island of Tagomago, off the east coast of Ibiza, to get a lavish bohemian ceremony and reception which could indeed have been worthy of a movie production. “We chose Tagomago because it’s unique,” says Jenny. “Usually you can’t rent the island for personal events, but we were able to find an exception we decided to get it done.”

After a whirlwind love in the day they met in 2015 (“It was love at first sight!” Confirms Jenny), the couple — who met through mutual friends — were engaged in just six months and married after a year. Islands are a recurring motif in their connection, with Philipp proposing to Jenny on New Year’s Eve over sunset over a beach in the Caribbean. “It was quite intimate,” she says of this experience.

With that instant, the wedding planning started and Jenny enlisted the expert services of premier Ibiza wedding planner Kerry Anne Winton of Ibiza Wedding. “I’ve been visiting the island to holidays my entire life,” explains Jenny of her passion for the Balearics. “Philipp enjoys it too.” The couple chosen island photographer Gypsy Westwood to catch the magic of this day. “We’re so glad we chose her,” says Jenny. “She took the most memorable images.”

As editor of a glossy women’s magazine, Jenny understands a thing or two about her impeccable taste was echoed throughout the entire event from start to finish. Beautifully bohemian, brimming with course and with a laidback yet lavish ambience, the glamorous wedding encapsulated the spirit of Ibiza. Under the watchful eye of Danielle Hodgson Lindley of island event styling agency Velvet Circus, ” Jenny’s vision came to life just like a dream come true.

Guests were invited across to the island of Tagomago by personal vessel, where they were treated to a broad choice of cocktails on arrival (“We created a big cocktail menu with something to suit everybody’s taste,” explains Jenny) since they shot in the enchanting views and settled to the lavish night and day ahead. Surrounded by turquoise ocean, bright blue skies and lush green countryside with views of Ibiza in the distance, the place has been nothing less than paradisiacal.

Meanwhile, Jenny was preparing for her big day in a beautiful villa high in the mountains of Ibiza’s northwest shore, with in-demand hair and make-up artist Louise Maxwell making a relaxed, natural bohemian look full with blossom crown to complement Jenny’s gorgeous Pronovias dress and Charlotte Olympia shoes. The groom wore a bespoke lawsuit by tailor Simon Scottowe, looking every bit the running companion because of his style siren bride.

As the magnificent golden sunlight cast a warm glow over the wedding celebration, Jenny and Philipp said ‘I do’ in a contemporary religious ceremony with Jean Michell Fueter of Ceremonibiza, as guests kept their cool with the customised lovers that had been abandoned on each seat for the event. Afterwards, all attention turned to the poolside formal dining room, where renowned on-island restaurants Casa Colonial served as a deluxe blend themed menu containing paella, slow-cooked beef noodle, stewed knuckle of lamb and homemade truffle ravioli, followed by an enormous heart shaped wedding cake topped with fresh sandwiches.

After the wedding, the newlyweds were taking regular trips to Ibiza, completing the Ibiza wedding fairytale, where they proceeded to live happily ever after…

PHOTOS: Fardeen Khan hosts pre-wedding Role and Bobby Deol came Trying to Find his 90s self

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PHOTOS: Fardeen Khan hosts pre-wedding Role and Bobby Deol came Trying to Find his 90s self

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Unicorn themed WEDDINGS are now a thing… and everyone’s going mad for the Dreamy Union ceremonies

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Unicorn themed WEDDINGS are now a thing… and everyone’s going mad for the Dreamy Union ceremonies

It Is the Brand New summer wedding Craze that brides, grooms – and their guests – can’t get enough of

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Kickstarter Adds Subscription Fundraising Role

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Kickstarter Adds Subscription Fundraising Role

Looking to bring a brand new fundraising facet to its crowdfunding stage, Kickstarter is launch Drip, a subscription service that will enable fans to provide recurring financial aid directly to their favorite creators.

Kickstarter offers creators the ability to solicit funding for certain projects. But Drip was made to finance “ongoing creative practice. Kickstarter is for jobs, Drip is for individuals,” Kickstarter founder and chairman Perry Chen wrote in a blog article about the ceremony.

Drip launced November 15 from invitation-only, “to kick the tires,” Chen explained. Finally, Drip will add more performers and features in the next calendar year.

At launch Drip will include a number of seasoned Kickstarter campaigners from all over the arts invited to be a portion of the service. Among the first Drip members are these publishing figures and partnerships as comic artist/publisher Spike Trotman, Well Read Black Girl founder Glory Edim, Book/zine publisher Microcosm Publishing, Portland mobile library service Street Books, and correspondence press publisher Thornwillow Publishing.

A Kickstarter spokesperson said Drip was created for “constant funding” of an artist. Fans can pledge a continuing yearly financial commitment to an artist in exchange for specially created content, behind the scenes information, special access or other efforts crafted to reward fans.

Kickstarter fees the artist a 5% fee on the subscription payments, and its own credit-card chip charges 3% and $0.20 per trade.

The newly established fundraising stage is reminiscent of solutions like Flattr, Steady, and Patreon, subscription services that also enable fans to guarantee constant financial support for artists.

But, Chen said, Drip has many variations from Patreon: creators can stay independent and depart Drip or add other subscription platforms. An artist’s data and content is portable. “Creators are going to be able to export their data and articles, and we’ll even help creators securely transfer subscription and payments information to additional subscription platforms” Chen explained.

Kickstarter is actually relaunching Drip. The ceremony was set in 2011 from the recording label Ghostly International as a way to solicit support for musicians, but has been scheduled to shut down in February 2016. A month later the ceremony was acquired by Kickstarter.

Since that time Chen stated that Kickstarter has redesigned Drip to become “both separate from and complementary to Kickstarter.”

“Since we launched Kickstarter, our designs have come to be the normal template for financing across the internet,” Chen explained. “It has been fascinating to have a fresh slate to rethink how to present creators and their work. We needed to make something that felt mild and kept creators — not Drip — since the attention.”